It is in this community that we build a foundation of hope beneath the experience through sharing stories, validating the pain and promoting change.

According to statistics, more than seventeen-million American women have suffered through an attempted or completed rape. 248,300 took place in 2007 alone. (I was one of those.)

Domestic violence numbers are even more startling with some estimates putting intimate partner violence at nearly four-million attacks each year. (I’ve lived that story too.)

I know I’m not alone…though it felt that way for a long time.

It’s complicated. There are a million circumstances and stories within our journeys that make our experiences unique. And yet there are just as many similarities – the confusion, the pain, the chaos. is a place where we can find hope (in the middle of the night if we need it) and see we’re not alone. Sometimes that’s comfort enough. We can share our memories, challenges, frustrations and all the reasons death doesn’t win today. We can grieve what we have lost and celebrate our victories – even if that means simply getting out of bed.

I have learned there are many of us on this journey.

Let’s call out to one another from where we are. We can do that here.

Let’s not suffer alone anymore.

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