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I would love to sit down and write my story. Mine is very perplexing, with a lot of twists and turns, mostly with domestic violence, physical and emotional.

I don’t know how to explain how I truly feel inside. I find my strength comes from pushing on to strive and succeed in life, showing my kids that no matter what you can make something beautiful and positive in your life, even from a lifetime of sorrow, pain, horrors, fear, and fright.

I have been raped on several occasions, one very violent, and my attacker still haunts me in my arena of life. I pray for the safety of my children, my family and friends on an everyday basis.

I was always told that God does not give you something you cannot handle. I know this to be true. Years of abuse makes one unsure of the tomorrows but with God with me I cannot stop trying to overcome all that has gone on. All the suffering, the tears, all so UN-necessary. Too much pain in this lifetime for me. I am still young, under 50 years young, and half of that was domestic violence and isolation.

If me writing my story helps others in the tiniest ways then this is worth writing about. Always remember to never give up on yourself even when it is the darkest time of your life and always have a heart full of love. God is not about hate; God is about Love.

My Strong Mother

This is to mothers going through domestic violence.

Today I took a step back and looked at the life I have. It’s everything I could ever dream of.

Then I thought: Why do I deserve everything I have?

I realized where I am has little to do with me and is greatly because of my mother. She went into a shelter when I was 5. She worked hard, stood strong, and had hope. She wanted a better life for me and did everything it took for me to have it. She changed my life by believing in me and giving me the courage to believe in myself

You have the power to make a difference because you are strong.

Not This Girl